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Welcome Back Lee and Tracie!

The Tango Shop is Lee and Tracie's wonderful dance venue attached to their home.

Friday evening, May 18, from 8:30pm to 12:00 Lee and Tracie will host an amazing Milonga at Their Tango Shop at 1840 K 4/10 Road in Fruita.  Yes, they will actually be there!  Come join us for the best dance floor around, wonderful music, and truly enjoyable dancing.  You may bring your favorite liquid refreshment.  Tracie has wonderful skirts and such for sale that she has whipped up while sitting in the frozen tundra of North Dakota all winter.  Take highway 6 & 50 to 18 Road by the High School at the stop light and turn north.  Go to K.4 road and turn right or east.  Drive 1/2 mile to 18 1/2.   At the driveway on the left, find the big garage dwarfing the house on the northwest corner of Freemont also known as 18 1/2 Road and K 4/10 Road.  The ususal route is bolcked by construction. See you there.

Hot Tub Tango provides live music for Special Weekend Milongas.   From left.  Troy Raper,  Carlos Elias, and Scott Betts

About once a month we try to have some kind of party or Milonga at the studio usually on the fourth Saturday.  On December 20, 2004 we had Daniel Diaz, the well known Bandonionista drop by and play for a very special holiday party. Lee and Tracy are shown here in the zone.  Lee is responsible for these great pictures.

Buck and Pat Buchanan with Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz and Scott Betts play a Milonga at the December 20 Christmas Party

Aspen Road Trip

Daniel's Hands

Tracy and Brian in Aspen

Scott and Alice dance a tango in the operetta, "Die Fletermaus"