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Scott and Alice by Jodi McIntosh used by permission

Tango Junction is a group of dancers dedicated to the building of a Tango Community in the Grand Valley.  We are not teaching regular classes at this time.  Check out La Puerta Dance Studio and like the FB page Western Colorado Tango to keep informed of what is going on in the valley.  We will offer a limited number of private lessons as time permits, so give us a call at 970-257-1231 or drop us a line at s.betts@bresnan.net.

Tango has come slowly to our valley.  We began as two couples practicing and learning from videos and visiting teachers and have now grown to a small community of friendly dancers. Look for special events or Milongas usually on the third Saturday evening of the month.

Our next special event will be a Tango Shop Milonga, very soon in June at Lee and Tracie's Tango Shop at 1840 K 4/10 Road in Fruita.  Stay tuned for a special announcement of a maybe impromptue event this weekend!  Check the Special Events page for details.  See you there!